This event is made up of a 4 week open followed by a 2 week knockout finals series. Once an open workout has been released you will have until the following Thursday at 5pm AEST to enter your submission for review. In order for your submission to be valid, you must upload a video to using the “WeTime app”. Simply download the app for iPhone or Android and select the appropriate timer for each workout.


We will release 1 workout each week of which you can practice as many times as you wish though only submit your best attempt.
Once submitted we will review the video and cross check your time/score against the evidence.

The athlete who places 1st will receive 1 point.
The athlete who places 2nd will receive 2 points.

The athlete who places 80th will receive 80 points.

At the commencement of each week we will update the leaderboard so that athletes know exactly where they stack up against the competition.
Once all 4 workouts have been completed the top 8 athletes with the lowest points in each competition progress through to the finals.


Hosted over 2 weeks, in week 1 the top 8 will go head to head for a knockout final series with each heat streamed live via instagram. Each pool battle it out over the same workout with the 4 winners progressing through to the grand final.

The following week we bring all 4 remaining athletes together via instagram live for the grand final to decide 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Is there a minimum donation to RUOK?
No, any contribution is greatly appreciated.
What equipment will I need to compete in The Hybrid Games?
You will need 1 pair of dumbbells. Males = 2 x 20kg / Females = 2 x 12.5kg

Should you qualify for the finals additional equipment may be required, however we will liaise with all finals athletes and (if necessary) assist in acquiring the necessary equipment to compete.

What will a typical Hybrid Games workout look like?
The workouts will usually be either “For time” or “AMRAP” (as many reps as possible)

For time
5 rounds
50 air squats
50 burpees
*Your score would be the time you complete the workout in.

5 minute AMRAP
10 Push ups
10 Dumbbell snatch
*Your score would be the total amount of reps completed in this time.

I only have x weight can I use that instead?
You may, however this will require you to submit a scaled results which will not be comparable against those athletes who have completed the workout with the prescribed weight.
Do I have to live in Australia to compete in The Hybrid Games?
No, this is a global event – anyone and everyone is encouraged to compete!
I have read the workout description and still do not understand, what next?
We will be uploading videos and explanations of all workouts but if all else fails don’t hesitate to reach out.
What needs to be included in my video for it to be validated?
In all workout briefs there is a description of the correct standards for video submission. A general rule is, you should make sure the whole movement is visible, show the equipment that you are using e.g dumbbell weight and show any markings/measurements required.
I missed the score submission cut off, Is there anything I can do?
Unfortunately to make sure that it is the competition is fair and can move forward under our timeline any score “NOT” submitted will be invalid.
What if I can not perform the movement prescribed?
Unfortunately there are no scaled options included that will mean your workout could be validated with different movements. You are welcome to scale it yourself to participate understanding that this will nullify that workout’s score.